eBay Trading APIVersion 1367

AmountType ( double )

An eBay-defined complex type for specifying monetary amounts.

A double value (e.g., 1.00 or 1.0) is meaningful as a monetary amount when accompanied by a specification of the currency, in which case the value specifies the amount in that currency. An AmountType expresses both the value (a double) and the currency.

The AmountType data type is typically used to specify details such as prices, fees, costs, and payments. In some cases, a whole number (i.e., without a period) can be passed or returned as a monetary value. This is necessary to support certain currencies that are only expressed as whole numbers.

Because a double is used to represent the amount, this also means whole monetary amounts may be returned with only one 0 after the decimal. For example, a dollar value could be returned as 1.0 instead of 1.00 in calls like AddItem.

Types that use AmountType:

Calls that use AmountType:


This type has no fields.


currencyID ( see CurrencyCodeType for possible values )
Three-digit code representing the currency type being used.

In Add/Revise/Relist calls, the currency can be specified in the Item.Currency field in requests instead. If you do specify this attribute in Add/Revise/Relist calls, the value must match the site currency (i.e., it must be the same as the value in Item.Currency) unless otherwise stated.

In Add/Revise/Relist calls, listing fees are returned in the currency of the user's registration site. For example, a user who is registered on the eBay US site always sees their fees returned in USD, even when their listing request is sent to another site, such as eBay UK or eBay Germany.