If you exhaust your ability to debug your application, or if you think you have encountered a bug in an eBay interface, you can contact Developer Technical Support (DTS) for help.


Contacting DTS

DTS is a premium developer service provided by eBay. The goal of the DTS team is to make sure that you use the eBay APIs in the best fashion possible. While they cannot write your code for you, they can help you understand the best and most efficient way to use the eBay APIs.

To optimize the time you spend conversing with DTS, they require that you prepare the information needed to isolate the issue(s) you've encountered.

At a minimum, please prepare the following information before contacting DTS:

  • The app ID of the application you're troubleshooting
  • A list of the eBay API calls you're using
  • Your error log(s)
  • The HTTP response header values
  • Any error messages returned by eBay

For more details on DTS and the other developer support options, see Support for application development.

Going live with your application

After you've tested all your application work flows, including your error-handling routines, you're ready to go live with your app.

Before you go live, complete the Compatible Application Check, as explained on the Compatible Application Check instructions page. Passing the check authorizes you to use the eBay Compatible Application logo.

When you're all set, change the API host in all your calls from the Sandbox host to the Production environment host, and get new access tokens using the Production endpoints for your OAuth calls.

Now go live!