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listing APIv1_beta.3.1

The Listing API

Note: This is a (Limited Release) API available only to select developers approved by business units.

The Listing API lets Partners create draft listings on eBay for their seller.

This overview covers the following Listing API topics:

Technical overview

The Listing API contains the createItemDraft method that enables Partners to create an eBay draft of an item for their seller using information from their site. The seller can then log into their eBay account, finish the listing, and publish the item onto the eBay site.

Business use cases

The Listing API gives Partners the ability to easily improve the exposure of items on their site by offering sellers the option of creating a draft of a listing on eBay at the same time they are adding an ad or item on the Partner's site. This can be a fixed-price (Buy It Now) or an auction listing.

Requirements and restrictions

The following are the requirements and restrictions for the Listing API.

  • This API is available only to select Partners.
  • URLs to image files must be https.
  • The seller must have an eBay account.
  • This API supports only single SKU items, which are items that do not have variations, such as a shirt that is available in multiple colors and sizes.
  • Only the currency of the marketplace is supported. For example, on the US marketplace the only currency supported is USD.

  • You must pass in X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID in the request header to specify the marketplace. The Listing API supports the following marketplaces:
    • EBAY_AU - Australia (
    • EBAY_CA - Canada (
      • English is the default
      • For French set Content-Language to fr-CA
    • EBAY_DE - Germany (
    • EBAY_ES - Spain (
    • EBAY_FR - France (
    • EBAY_GB - Great Britain (
    • EBAY_IT - Italy (
    • EBAY_US - USA (
  • All APIs limit the number of calls that can be made per day on behalf of your application. For the application rate limit, see the eBay API Call Limits page.