The Sandbox test environment

The eBay Sandbox is a self-contained virtual testing environment that mimics the live eBay Production environment.

The Sandbox environment comprises the following:

  • The Sandbox API host location
  • The Sandbox test site
  • Sandbox test users

The Sandbox API host location

Make API calls to the Sandbox using the Sandbox API host:

The Sandbox host is a clone of the eBay Production environment and you should make calls to the Sandbox API host (instead of to the Production host) during the testing phase of your application development.

The Sandbox uses Sandbox test accounts for the entities that partake in the mock transactions performed in the test environment, and because of this, your test calls don't affect any real eBay users or their accounts. You create your own set of test accounts to represent the buyers and sellers in your test transactions, and you can configure these user accounts via API calls to the Sandbox test site.

While eBay strives to provide the same functionality in the Sandbox as it does in the Production environment, there are certain areas where parity is impractical and the Sandbox test accounts do not support all the configuration settings provided to real users in the Production environment. One such example is the Global Shipping Program. Because this program is not supported in the Sandbox, you cannot make calls in the Sandbox that depend on this program being offered.

Note: The Sandbox is designed for testing the features and functionality of your applications and you can make up to 5,000 calls per day to the Sandbox for function testing. Do not, however, use the Sandbox environment for testing eBay service performance or load handling—high call volumes to the Sandbox may result in an interruption of service for your account.

The Sandbox test site

The URL for the Sandbox test site is

The Sandbox test site looks and behaves like the live eBay Production site. However, instead of logging in to the site with your Production eBay account credentials, you log into the Sandbox test site using the credentials of a Sandbox test user. With this, all the actions you perform on the test site relate to mock Sandbox accounts. Any configuration settings or transactions you perform on the test site are always associated with one or more test users, and by logging in with different test user credentials, you can review how eBay processes the transactions from both buyer and seller perspectives.

During your testing phase, log into the Sandbox test site with any of your configured Sandbox test users. From there, you can see the transaction histories associated with that test account, configure the account, or perform actions using that test persona. Test buyers can browse and purchase the items that your test sellers list. By logging in with different test entities, you can configure various transaction conditions and run through the different process flows in your application, all from within the shielded test environment.

Sandbox test users

To effectively work in the Sandbox, you need to create Sandbox test users to act as the buyer and seller entities that partake in the mock transactions that you create and process as you test your application. Create test users through the eBay Developer Program,

Note: You must have an eBay Developer Program account before you can log in to the eBay Developer Program site and configure test accounts.

For more information, see Configuring Sandbox test users.