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Commerce APIs

The Commerce APIs let you determine appropriate eBay categories for offering, promoting, browsing or searching for items. The Commerce APIs currently consist of the following APIs:

  • Catalog API: Search the eBay catalog for products on which to base a seller's item listing, retrieve a product record by its eBay product identifier (ePID), or submit a request to create or update a catalog product.
  • Charity API: Retrieve a list of charitable organizations and access the details for those charitable organizations.
  • Identity API: Retrieve account profile information for an authenticated user.
  • Media API: Create, upload, and manage video resources.
  • Notification API: Explore, subscribe to, and process eBay notifications. The Notification API currently supports the capability to retrieve the public keys that are required to validate eBay push notifications.
  • Taxonomy API: Discover appropriate categories to filter listings retrieved by the Buy APIs, or determine the best category in which to offer an item for sale and determine what categories to include in campaigns or promotions with the Sell APIs.
  • Translation API (beta): Translate common commerce content, such as the title and description of an item to help present marketplace listings to buyers in different countries or regions. The Translation API takes foreign language search queries from the buyer and translates them for the target marketplace, as well.

Using Commerce API documentation

Commerce API documentation consists of:

  • Using eBay RESTful APIs, a general overview of how REST and OAuth authentication works
  • Overview, reference, and release notes documentation for each of the Commerce APIs.
  • The Buying Integration Guide, which explains how to use the Buy APIs in your application. It also includes how to use Commerce APIs in buying applications.
  • The Selling Integration Guide, which explains how to use the Sell APIs in your application. It also includes how to use Commerce APIs in selling applications.
  • The Taxonomy API Migration Guide, which explains how to migrate from the deprecated GetCategorySpecifics Trading API call to the RESTful Taxonomy API methods.

OpenAPI specs

The API references have links in the left navigation menu for downloading their OpenAPI specs. For both OpenAPI 2 and OpenAPI 3, there's one in JSON format and one in YAML format.