Selling Integration Guide

This guide addresses how to develop an eBay selling application. It covers the following high-level topics:

  • Developing an eBay selling application
  • Configuring eBay seller accounts using the Account API
  • Using the Taxonomy API to:
    • Determine the category in which to list or promote an item
    • Discover the required and optional aspects to include in the listing
  • Retrieving eBay marketplace details and policies that help you list items using the Metadata API
  • Using the Catalog API to match eBay catalog products to seller inventory
  • Using the Inventory API to:
    • Add items to the seller's inventory
    • Create item listings from the seller's inventory
    • Manage the items in the seller's inventory
  • Marketing a seller's inventory using the Marketing API
  • Handling order shipping using the Fulfillment API
  • Growing your business using the seller data retrieved with the Analytics API