Analyzing seller performance

Using the Analytics API, you can generate the following reports to help you analyze your seller performance:

  • Traffic Report – This report details the traffic received by your item listings.
  • Seller Standards Profile Report – This report details your eBay seller-performance ratings pertaining to a variety of seller metrics.

These reports can help you understand:

  • Business trends year over year
  • Buyer engagement with your listings
  • Performance in the Seller Standards program

Run the reports both at the beginning and end of your selling cycles to get a view into your seller performance. These reports can give sellers insights into their sales performance and determine how they might make changes to their business models to increase their sales and seller rating.

By running the reports on a periodic basis, seller can see the impacts of any adjustments they've made. For example, you might determine that you can change your listing titles to increase your listing-page views, and you can use the Traffic Report to monitor the result.

Review the Seller Standards Profile Report to see the metrics upon which eBay rates sellers and determine how you might make adjustments to keep or improve your seller rating. For example, you might find that the Transaction Defect Rate is higher than you expect. To address this, you might decide to better describe your items to lessen your Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) returns.

Note that in addition to using the methods in the Analytics API, you can also obtain seller-related data using these Trading API calls:

  • GetSellerDashboard provides the overall seller-level rating, but not the sub-metrics returned Seller Standards Profile Report, which shows how those metrics contribute to your overall seller level.
  • GetItem provides page-view information, but the values may include visits from bots and the data is limited for only the last 90 days.
  • GetSellerTransactions provides the number of transactions for a seller, but data is limited to only the items sold in the last 90 days.