Developer API context

The Developer APIs provide tools that give developers insights into their API integrations. The APIs are designed to let you review user and application specific data that can help you update and maintain your eBay applications.

eBay Developer APIs

There is a single API in the new Developer APIs context:

Using Developer API documentation

Developer API documentation consists of the following sets of documents:

  • Using eBay RESTful APIs, a general overview of how REST and OAuth authentication works
  • Three documents for each API:
    • API Overview
    • API Reference
    • Release Notes

API overview

Each API has an Overview page describes:

  • What the API does
  • Why and when you can use the API
  • What constraints are on the API usage

API references

Each API has an API Reference that lists all the calls for the API on a page titles the Resources page. In addition, the reference includes a method page for each method in the API. The method page lists the following values:

  • Input (Request content)
    • Resource URI (production)
    • URI parameters
    • HTTP request headers
    • OAuth request scope
    • Payload model
    • Request fields
  • Output (Response content)
    • Response headers
    • Payload model (all fields and their types that could be including in the response)
    • Description and data type of each response field and type, including constraints and requirements
    • HTTP status codes
    • Error codes
  • Samples (Request/Response example)

API release notes

Each API also has a Release Notes page that details the release history of the API:

  • Release version, linked to the more detailed description of it later in the release notes
  • Release date
  • Short summary of what changed in the release

Each release is then described in detail, starting with the most recent. Each change, addition, or deletion is described under its own subheading.