offer APIv1_beta.0.0

Offer API Overview

The Offer API provides the ability to place and retract a proxy bid for a buyer and to retrieve all the auctions where the buyer is bidding.


Technical overview

The Offer API has the following main objects:

  • auction - A buying option where buyers bid against each other in order to win the auction and purchase the item. There are two buying options; auction and fixed price (Buy It Now). Items can have one of these options or both. If an item offers both buying options, after the first bid is placed, the Buy It Now option is removed and the item is sold to the highest bidder.
  • proxyBid - A bid placed on behalf of a buyer on an auctioned item.

Business use cases

This section outlines the high-level use cases using the Offer API.

Place a proxy bid

You can place a bid (proxy bid) for an auction item on behalf of a buyer.

Retrieve an auction

You can retrieve bidding details that are specific to the buyer for an auction where the buyer has placed a bid.

API restrictions

Please note the following constraints for the Offer API.

Item identifier incompatibility

The Buy APIs identifiers of items do not match the identifiers used on the eBay site. So you cannot use the Buy APIs RESTful item identifiers with any of the eBay legacy APIs, such as Trading and Finding. But if you have the legacy item identifier, you can find the RESTful item identifier using the Browse API getItemByLegacyId method.

Regional/site constraints

The Offer API is currently supported on the following eBay sites:

  • EBAY_AU - Australia (
  • EBAY_CA - Canada (
  • EBAY_DE - eBay Germany (
  • EBAY_ES - Spain (
  • EBAY_FR - France (
  • EBAY_GB - eBay Great Britain (
  • EBAY_HK - Hong Kong (
  • EBAY_IT - Italy (
  • EBAY_US - eBay USA (

eBay Buy API requirements

Although the eBay Buy APIs are available for anyone to use in eBay's sandbox environment, use of the APIs in production is restricted. Users must meet standard eligibility requirements, get approvals from eBay support organizations, and sign contracts with eBay and PayPal to access the Buy APIs in production. See Production eligibility requirements for information about production access.