You will need to complete the compatible application check process, if you anticipate needing API call limits higher the default number of calls per day (24 hour period, starting midnight Pacific time).

After you join the eBay Developers Program and get your application keys, you can start using eBay APIs immediately. The default call limits on the eBay APIs allow you to test and explore the API capabilities. Many applications are able to perform all capabilities using the default limits. If you need higher call limits, you can complete our Compatible Application Check, to verify that your application is adhering to eBay's API License Agreement, and that you've made the most efficient use of the APIs you've implemented.

The app check is a service that the eBay Developers Program provides to its members. To help speed you through the process, please use the Checklist for Going Live provided below. It tells you what you'll need to do before applying. Much of this will be obvious but some of it isn't, so please be sure to make full use of the Checklist for Going Live, before submitting your Compatible Application request.

See the API Call Limits page for the call limits associated with each eBay API.

Checklist for Going Live

  • Application Readiness: You will need a working application that we can test to ensure it complies with the requirements for the Compatible Application Check. Be sure to follow the guidelines below as you create your application.
  • API license and eBay Polices: Check that your application complies with:
    • The eBay API License Agreement. 
      This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Collecting statistical or other information related to specific eBay users, groups of eBay users, or or types of eBay users
      • Deriving conversion, completion, or success rates, unless the information is specific to the user logged into your application and only to be shown to that user.
      • Estimating or displaying reserve auction prices of other users
      • Deriving sales or activity rates for listings with specific features or enhancements, unless the information is specific to the listings created by the user logged into your application and only for that user's view.
      • Displaying a user's private profile or detailed feedback information, unless the information is specific to the user logged into your application and only to be shown to that user
      • Collecting statistical data about eBay.
      • Deriving average selling price or gross merchandise value for any eBay category.
    • The eBay API Logo Usage Requirements (When you can use the eBay logo in your application.)
    • eBay site policies 
    • The consumer protection and privacy laws and eBay User Agreement.  For more information, see User Privacy Notice.
  • Technical Best Practices: Ensure that your application:
    • Follows the OWASP secure coding principles . For further information on web application vulnerabilities and how to protect against them go to the OWASP "Top Ten" 
    • Uses the UTF-8 encoding scheme (not ISO-8859-1). For more detail see the article Working with UTF-8". 
    • Uses the latest versions of the APIs before applying. Go to the API documentation and view the Release Notes for the APIs you're using to find the latest versions.
    • Handles errors gracefully and implements retries correctly. In particular, implement retries for a maximum of two times for infrastructure errors.
    • Limits the volume of data returned by asking only for the required amount of information and don't make calls more frequently than necessary.
    • Don't collect eBay Username and Password from your customers, instead implement support to retrieve OAuth tokens (eBay's earlier Auth & Auth tokens are also still available for older APIs). For Shopping API, Finding API and Merchandising API you do not need any username / password or user tokens.
  • If you have a web application, don't put eBay web pages served by eBay servers in an iFrame.
  • If you are building a search application use the Buy API or Finding API.
  • If you are using the Trading API you'll need to comply with additional prerequisites, which are specific to the Trading API.
  • If you have a desktop application with an embedded browser, do display the complete URL of the page if you display an eBay web page served by eBay servers.

How to Apply for a Compatible Application Check

Before you submit your application, please check that you've done the following:

  • Completed all the compatible application requirements listed above
  • Previewed and prepared answers to all of the questions in the Compatible Application Check form, including your estimated call peak, both hourly and daily volume, for each of the API calls that are in your application

Now you're ready to apply! Here's how:

Open a new Compatible App Check form. You should hear back from us within 3 – 5 business days, and we may have additional questions. The timeline to complete the App Check request will vary based on the complexity of your implementation. The overall process may be completed in as little as 5 – 7 business days, but it could take much longer in some cases.

Please note that if you have already exceeded your limit and it is affecting your business, you may request a temporary increase while your app check is being processed. If you are unable to pass the app check (e.g., if your application does not adhere to eBay's policies), the temporary limit will be reverted.

Once You've Passed the Compatible Application Check

Congratulations! You'll be joining a select group of developers who are authorized to use the eBay Compatible Application logo. The high resolution logo images will be provided to you by Developer Technical Support (DTS) after you've passed the check. You can use the Compatible Application logo on your web site and printed materials as a marketing tool to will bring visibility to your application, so be sure to make full use of it.