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Sandbox test users are virtual eBay accounts that exist only in the Sandbox environment. These accounts represent the user entities that partake in the mock transactions you create as you run your application in the testing phase.

To create a test user:

  1. Log in to the eBay Developer Program.
  2. Open the Tools & Samples pull-down menu and choose Sandbox user registration.

    The Sandbox Registration page displays.

  3. Complete the Register for Sandbox form, then click the Register button to create your new Sandbox test user.

The number of test users you need to create depends on the work flows you plan to test in your app. Transactions have buyer and seller entities, and you should create Sandbox test users for each of these persona if you plan to test complete transaction flows.

Tip: To simplify the testing process, consider using the same password for all of your Sandbox test user accounts.

By default, eBay precedes the user name of all Sandbox test users with the tag TESTUSER_. We suggest you use names for your test user accounts that help you remember the role the account plays in your mock transactions. For example, account names such as TESTUSER_buyer-Bob or TESTUSER_Sam-seller can help you keep track of who is logged into the Sandbox test site, and what actions that role should complete in the eBay web environment.

When you create a new test user, eBay allots a predetermined amount of credit (play money) to that test user's account. In addition to this seed money, eBay automatically refreshes each Sandbox account to $500,000 each weekend, giving each test user the ability to complete many transactions, week after week.