eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


Container for a list of items. Can contain zero, one, or multiple ItemType objects, each of which conveys the data for one item listing.

Types that use ItemArrayType:

Calls that use ItemArrayType:


Item ( ItemType ) [0..*]
Contains the data properties that define one item listing. GetSellerEvents and GetSellerList only return items if any are available for the seller within the time window specified in the request.

Some optional fields are only returned if the seller defined them for the item. Some fields are only returned under particular conditions specified in the individual field descriptions. For example, a buyer's contact information might only be returned if the member who is making the request (as identified in the eBayAuthToken) has an order relationship with that buyer.

For calls that support detail levels, the set of fields returned is also controlled by the value of DetailLevel in the request. For some calls, other parameters in the request can also control the data returned for each item. For example, GranularityLevel controls the fields to return for each item in the GetSellerList response.
Note: When making a GetSellerList call, items that are on-hold due to an eBay policy violation will not be returned in the response.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Item.