eBay Trading APIVersion 1357


Type used to indicate if the seller supports Combined Invoice orders, and if so, defines whether the seller specifies any shipping discount before or after purchase.

Note: In the past, this type was also used to indicate more settings related to Combined Invoice discounts, including the number of days that buyers have to combine line items into a Combined Invoice, and detailed information on Calculated and Flat-Rate shipping discount profiles. However, these settings are now set through the SetShippingDiscountProfiles call (or through Shipping Preferences in My eBay), and retrieved with the GetShippingDiscountProfiles call.

Types that use CombinedPaymentPreferencesType:

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CombinedPaymentOption ( CombinedPaymentOptionCodeType ) [0..1]
Specifies whether or not a seller wants to allow buyers to combine single order line items into a Combined Invoice order. A Combined Invoice order can be created by the buyer or seller if multiple unpaid order line items exist between the same buyer and seller. Often, a Combined Invoice order can reduce shipping and handling expenses for the buyer and seller.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use CombinedPaymentOption.