Getting your redirect_uri value

The requests to get access tokens require a redirect_url value that the service uses for authorization, as well as a URL to redirect the user to after they've complete the permissions grant request. Instead of a URL, the eBay services require a custom RuName value that eBay generates and assigns to your application.


About RuName values

The RuName contains several pieces of information, including the accept URL and rejectURLvalues, which lets you customize different pages, depending on how the user responds to the permissions grant request.

Your application has two unique RuName values, each supports either the Sandbox or Production environments.

Getting your RuName values

To get the RuName:

  1. Log in to the eBay Developer Program and navigate to Your Account > Application Keys (if you followed the above step, you're already here).
  2. Click the User Tokens link that's displayed next to your Client ID:

    The User Token link to navigate to the RuName

    This displays the Get a Token from eBay via Your Application drop-down.

  3. Click the Get a Token from eBay via Your Application drop down, the following screen displays:

    The Get a Token dialog box

  4. If you haven't yet created an RuName (also known as an eBay Redirect URL name), click the link labeled You have no Redirect URLs. Click here to add one.

    This displays the Confirm the Legal Address for the Primary Contact or Business form.

  5. Complete the form to confirm your contact information, then click the Continue to create RuName button.

    The RuName value is displayed on the resulting screen:

    Dialog box showing the RuName
    The RuName value for the Sandbox

If you're using Application tokens, you don't need to fill out the rest of the RuName fields. URLs to your privacy policy and your accept and decline URLs are needed only if you're using User access tokens, as are described in Using OAuth to access eBay APIs

If you're using User tokens, fill our the rest of the RuName form, as detailed below.

Configuring the RuName value

The Get a Token from eBay via Your Application box contains various fields that configure the RuName for User tokens. These are shown in the screen below:

Configuring the RuName for a User token
The RuName value for the Sandbox

Configure the following fields before using the RuName to create a User token:

Field Name Description

Display Title

The title that eBay displays at the top of the of the Grant Application Access page during the client-grant flow.

Privacy Policy URL

Enter the URL where you host your privacy policy. This policy states how you use the eBay information that your application can access when a user grants permission to your app.

Auth Accepted URL

eBay redirects the user to this URL if the user grants your application the permissions it needs to act upon their behalf.

Auth Declined URL

eBay redirects the user to this URL if the user does not grant your application the permissions it needs.