eBay Post-Order APIVersion 2.7.1

Upload Return Draft File

POST /post-order/v2/return/draft/{draftId}/file/upload

Use this call to upload files associated with a return draft. You can upload multiple files, including images and files that describe the return, before finalizing the draft and submitting the return request.


See also Samples.

Resource URI (production)

POST https://api.ebay.com/post-order/v2/return/draft/{draftId}/file/upload

URI parameters

Parameter Type Required? Meaning
draftId string Required The unique eBay-assigned ID of the return draft. The draftId value is required to identify the return draft for which to attach a file.

HTTP request headers

All requests made to eBay REST operations require you to provide the authorization HTTP header for authentication.
See HTTP request headers for details.


This call uses standard authorization tokens. See Making a Call for details.

Payload model

The following lists all fields that could be included in the request.

{ /* UploadFileRequest */
"data": [
    /* More string nodes here */
"fileName": string,
"filePurpose": token

Request field descriptions

Input Container/Field Type Occurrence Meaning
data array of string Required The input for this field is a base64-encoded binary representation of the file you are uploading. Depending on the type of file you are uploading, you may need to encode the file twice.

For images, the system accepts BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG files. For shipping labels, the system accepts either an image (BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG files) or a PDF file.
fileName string Optional This field is used to name the file that is being uploaded. This field is optional, but naming a file may make it easier for the buyer or seller to keep track of their files, instead of having to remember the fileId value (which is returned in the call response) of each file.
filePurpose token Required Set this value to the type of file you're uploading, either ITEM_RELATED, RETURN_RELATED, or LABEL_RELATED.

See the FilePurposeEnum type for supported values for this field.

Applicable values: See FilePurposeEnum


See also Samples.

Payload model

Note: For information about the error fields and how to work with them, see Error Handling.

The following lists all fields that could be included in the response.

Supported response formats: application/json, application/xml

For more information:
- See UploadFileResponse for a description of the response structure
- See the following table for descriptions of each of the data elements returned
- See the Samples for an example of the response format

{ /* UploadFileResponse */
"compressedFileData": string,
"fileId": string

Response field descriptions

Output Container/Field Type Occurrence Meaning
compressedFileData string Conditionally This field is the base64-encoded binary representation of the compressed file identified in the fileName field. This field will only be returned if the file was successfully associated to the return request or draft.
fileId string Conditionally This is unique eBay-assigned ID of the file associated with a return request or draft. This field will only be returned if the file was successfully associated to the return request or draft. This value will be needed if the seller is going to use the POST /post-order/v2/return/{returnId}/add_shipping_label call to provide a non-eBay generated return shipping label to the buyer.


New to making API calls? Please see Making a Call.

Note: Some item IDs, user IDs, or other data in these samples might no longer be active on eBay. If necessary, you can substitute current eBay data in your requests.

Sample: Basic Call

Upload documents to a return draft.


This call uploads documents to a return draft. Documents uploaded to a return draft or return request usually include a picture illustrating the condition/appearance of an item, or a scanned image of shipment tracking information and/or a shipping label.


The draftId path parameter identifies the return draft to which the image will be attached. Along with the image data, this call includes the name of the file and the filePurpose field, which identifies the type of information being provided by this image. Supported file formats are BMP, GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

URL format. See also the non-wrapped version of this URL.

POST https://api.ebay.com/post-order/v2/return/draft/5********1/file/upload
  "fileName" : "j******.jpeg",
  "data" : "SGVyZSBpcyB5b3VyIHJld...YWNraW5nIG51bWJlciBpcyAxMjM0NTY3ODk4NzY1",
  "filePurpose" : "ITEM_RELATED"


The response payload includes an eBay-generated unique identifier for the image file and a compressed copy of the image data.

JSON format.
"compressedFileData": "/9j/4***S...q**P/9k=",
"fileId": 5********2

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