eBay Trading APIVersion 1203

DisplayPayNowButtonCodeType ( token )

This enumerated type is used to control how the "Buy It Now" button is displayed on a listing.

Note: Sellers opted in to the new eBay managed payments program cannot control the display of the "Buy It Now" button in listings, and although the DisplayPayNowButton value can still be set in SetUserPreferences and returned in GetUserPreferences, the setting will not have any affect on any current or future listings for the seller. For the current list of eBay marketplaces in which eBay managed payments has rolled out, see the eBay Managed Payments landing page.

Type that uses DisplayPayNowButtonCodeType:

Calls that use one or more values of DisplayPayNowButtonCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use
ShowPayNowButtonForAllPaymentMethods This enumeration value indicates that the "Pay Now" button will be displayed no matter what payment method the buyer uses.
ShowPayNowButtonForPayPalOnly This enumeration value indicates that the "Pay Now" button will only be displayed if the buyer is using PayPal as the payment method.
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