eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


This type specifies custom product compliance and/or take-back policies that apply to a specified country.

Type that uses CountryPoliciesType:

Calls that use CountryPoliciesType:


Country ( CountryCodeType ) [0..1]
Defines the 2-letter country code set.

Use the GeteBayDetails call to see the list of currently supported codes, and the English names associated with each code (e.g., KY="Cayman Islands").

Most of the codes that eBay uses conform to the ISO 3166 standard, but some of the codes in the ISO 3166 standard are not used by eBay. Plus, there are some non-ISO codes in the eBay list. (Additional codes appear at the end of this code list and are noted as non-ISO.)

See the Field Index to learn which calls use Country.

PolicyID ( long ) [0..*]
The policy Id specifying product compliance or take-back policy information.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use PolicyID.