eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

CharityAffiliationTypeCodeType ( token )

This enumeration type defines the possible values that can be returned for the CharityAffiliationDetail.AffiliationType field in the GetUser response.

Type that uses CharityAffiliationTypeCodeType:

Call that uses one or more values of CharityAffiliationTypeCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
Community This enumeration value indicates that the eBay user is just selling on the behalf of the nonprofit organization, and is not directly affiliated with the organization.
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use.
Direct This enumeration value indicates that the eBay user is directly affiliated with or represents the nonprofit organization, or the eBay user has been added as a Direct Seller by the same nonprofit organization.
Remove This enumeration value may be returned if the nonprofit organization has recently unregistered as an eBay for Charity organization, or it may be returned if the eBay user has recently removed the charity feature from a listing.
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.