eBay Trading APIVersion 1367

ListingEnhancementDurationCodeType ( token )

Note: This enumerated type is no longer applicable, as the Featured First listing feature is deprecated for all sites. If a seller attempts to add Featured First as a listing enhancement (including ListingEnhancement field in an AddItem call and setting its value to Featured), it is allowed, but a warning will be returned announcing the deprecation of the feature. This feature was officially wired off in September 2019.
This enumerated type contains the list of values that can be used by the seller to set the duration of a Featured Gallery in a fixed-price listing. Once set for a listing, the Featured Gallery duration can be increased from 'Days_7' to 'Lifetime' (throughout life of listing), but the duration cannot be decreased from 'Lifetime' to 'Days_7'.

No calls use ListingEnhancementDurationCodeType.