eBay Trading APIVersion 1367


A container to specify a single eBay item to end.

Type that uses EndItemRequestContainerType:

Call that uses EndItemRequestContainerType:


EndingReason ( EndReasonCodeType ) [0..1]
The seller's reason for ending the listing early is input into this required field. The seller is not allowed to use the ProductDeleted value, as this ending reason can only be used internally by eBay to administratively end a listing due to the associated Catalog product being removed from the eBay Catalog.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use EndingReason.

ItemID ( ItemIDType (string) ) [0..1]
The unique identifier of the eBay listing to end.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ItemID.

MessageID ( string ) [0..1]
Most Trading API calls support a MessageID element in the request and a CorrelationID element in the response. With EndItems, the seller can pass in a different MessageID value for each EndItemRequestContainer container that is used in the request. The CorrelationID value returned under each EndItemResponseContainer container is used to correlate each End Item request container with its corresponding End Item response container. The same MessageID value that you pass into a request will be returned in the CorrelationID field in the response.

If you do not pass in a MessageID value in the request, CorrelationID is not returned.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use MessageID.