eBay Trading APIVersion 1367


Fields in this type provide condition values and display names.

Types that use ConditionValuesType:

Call that uses ConditionValuesType:


Condition ( ConditionType ) [0..*]
This repeatable container shows the display name and unique identifier of each item condition supported by the corresponding eBay category.

Note: 'Certified Refurbished', 'Excellent - Refurbished', 'Very Good - Refurbished', and 'Good - Refurbished' item conditions will not be returned in this container for categories in the eBay Refurbished Program, but instead will be returned in the Category.SpecialFeatures container if the corresponding category supports any of these Refurbished item conditions. To used any of these Refurbished item conditions, sellers must go through an application and qualification process. The new item condition values appearing in the Category.SpecialFeatures container does not necessarily indicate that a seller is eligible to list with these item conditions. If the corresponding category supports it, 'Seller Refurbished' will still be returned in this container.
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ConditionHelpURL ( anyURI ) [0..1]
URL to the eBay Web site's item condition help for the category. This may include policies about how to assess the condition of an item in the category. To reduce item-not-as-described cases, we recommend that you refer sellers (and buyers) to these help pages. These help pages may vary for some categories.

The Sandbox might not return valid help URLs.
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