eBay Shopping APIVersion 1293


This type is used to provide picture details for a multiple-variation listing. This type is used by the Variations.Pictures container that is returned for multiple-variation listings when the IncludeSelector field is included in the call request and set to Variations. Typically, in a multiple-variation listing, the seller will provide different photos for each available variation based on one product aspect such as color.

Type that uses PicturesType:

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VariationSpecificName ( string ) [0..1]
This field defines the product aspect in which pictures in the listing will vary based on the individual variations. For example, if the product aspect in this field is Color, the picture URLs in each VariationSpecificPictureSet container would point to one or more pictures of the corresponding variation (defined in the VariationSpecificValue field).
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VariationSpecificName.

VariationSpecificPictureSet ( VariationSpecificPictureSetType ) [0..*]
A VariationSpecificPictureSet container is returned for each product variation for which there are one or more pictures available, helping buyers distinguish between the different variations in the listing. Pictures for multiple or all available variations can be included for a multiple-variation listing, but note that this is not a requirement for the seller. In other words, one multiple-variation listing might contain 10 different variations (varying by color), but the seller could choose to only include one or more pictures just for one particular color. However, the seller can make that listing more buyer-friendly if he/she provides pictures of all or most available colors.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VariationSpecificPictureSet.