eBay Shopping APIVersion 1293


Base type definition of the request payload, which can carry any type of payload content plus optional versioning information and detail level requirements. All concrete request types are derived from the abstract request type. The naming convention we use for the concrete type names is the name of the service (the verb or call name) followed by "RequestType": VerbNameRequestType

Calls that use AbstractRequestType:


MessageID ( string ) [0..1]
If you pass a value into the MessageID field in a request, the same value is returned in CorrelationID field in the response. If you're making a lot of calls, you can use this for tracking that a response is returned for every request and to match particular responses to particular requests. (In this case, specify a different value for each request.) You can specify any value that is useful to you.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use MessageID.