Product API

eBay Site ID to Global ID Mapping

Each eBay site maps to a unique eBay global ID. You must specify a global ID in the X-EBAY-SOA-GLOBAL-ID HTTP header for each API call. The global ID you use must correspond to one of the eBay site IDs in the following table:

eBay Site ID Site Name Global ID
0 eBay United States EBAY-US
2 eBay Canada (English) EBAY-ENCA
15 eBay Australia EBAY-AU
16 eBay Austria EBAY-AT
23 eBay Belgium (French) EBAY-FRBE
71 eBay France EBAY-FR
77 eBay Germany EBAY-DE
100 eBay Motors EBAY-MOTOR
101 eBay Italy EBAY-IT
123 eBay Belgium (Dutch) EBAY-NLBE
146 eBay Netherlands EBAY-NL
186 eBay Spain EBAY-ES
193 eBay Switzerland EBAY-CH
201 eBay Hong Kong EBAY-HK
203 eBay India EBAY-IN
205 eBay Ireland EBAY-IE
207 eBay Malaysia EBAY-MY
210 eBay Canada (French) EBAY-FRCA
211 eBay Philippines EBAY-PH
212 eBay Poland EBAY-PL
216 eBay Singapore EBAY-SG