eBay Merchant Data APIVersion 1203


This type defines the BuyerTaxIdentifier container that is returned in order management calls. This container consists of taxpayer identification information for the buyer and it is currently used by sellers selling on the Italy or Spain site to retrieve the taxpayer ID of buyers registered on the Italy or Spain sites.

Types that use TaxIdentifierType:

Call that uses TaxIdentifierType:


This field shows an attribute, and its corresponding value for the buyer's tax identification card. Currently, this field is only used to indicate which country issued the buyer's tax ID, but in the future, other attributes related to the tax ID may be returned in this field. This field's value will be an ISO 3166-1 two-digit code that represents the issuing country.
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ID ( string ) [0..1]
This value is the actual tax ID for the buyer. The type of tax ID is shown in the Type field.
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This enumeration value identifies the type of tax ID that was supplied by the buyer during the checkout process.
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