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Global ID Values (string )

The Global ID is a unique identifier for combinations of site, language, and territory. Global ID values are returned in globalId and are used as input for the X-EBAY-SOA-GLOBAL-ID header. The global ID you use must correspond to an eBay site with a valid site ID. See eBay Site ID to Global ID Mapping for a list of global IDs you can use with the API calls. The Language column can be used in ErrorLanguage to return error strings for the call in a different language from the language commonly associated with the site that the requesting user is registered.

Enumeration Values (active sites only)

Global ID Language Territory Site Name eBay Site ID
EBAY-AT de_AT AT eBay Austria 16
EBAY-AU en_AU AU eBay Australia 15
EBAY-CH de_CH CH eBay Switzerland 193
EBAY-DE de_DE DE eBay Germany 77
EBAY-ENCA en_CA CA eBay Canada (English) 2
EBAY-ES es_ES ES eBay Spain 186
EBAY-FR fr_FR FR eBay France 71
EBAY-FRBE fr_BE BE eBay Belgium (French) 23
EBAY-FRCA fr_CA CA eBay Canada (French) 210
EBAY-GB en_GB GB eBay UK 3
EBAY-HK zh_Hant HK eBay Hong Kong 201
EBAY-IE en_IE IE eBay Ireland 205
EBAY-IN en_IN IN eBay India 203
EBAY-IT it_IT IT eBay Italy 101
EBAY-MOTOR en_US US eBay Motors 100
EBAY-MY en_MY MY eBay Malaysia 207
EBAY-NL nl_NL NL eBay Netherlands 146
EBAY-NLBE nl_BE BE eBay Belgium (Dutch) 123
EBAY-PH en_PH PH eBay Philippines 211
EBAY-PL pl_PL PL eBay Poland 212
EBAY-SG en_SG SG eBay Singapore 216
EBAY-US en_US US eBay United States 0