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A user can subscribe to receive an account activity summary via SMS. The user can specify the period (time range) for the account summary and can select how often the summary is to be sent.

This alert is not triggered by a direct event but rather by an eBay daemon process that monitors a subscription database.

Available code lists are:

Any period of activity can be returned on the user's choice of weekday. Periods that are 31 days or longer can also be returned via certain frequencies.

Allowable Frequencies per Period

Window period Frequency
All periods Weekly, on the weekday of the user's choosing (e.g. EveryTuesday).
31 days Every31Days
Current month On a selected date of every month (e.g. MonthlyOn4th).
Last month On the first day of every month (the summary covers the previous month's activity): MonthlyOn1st
Last 60 days Every60Days