eBay Trading APIVersion 1367


This type is used by various Get calls, including GetItem and GetOrders. Only the order management calls return the BuyerTaxIdentifier container, and each call that uses BuyerType uses the ShippingAddress container a little differently.

Type that uses BuyerType:

Calls that use BuyerType:


BuyerTaxIdentifier ( TaxIdentifierType ) [0..*]
This container consists of taxpayer identification for the buyer. Although this container may be used for other purposes at a later date, it is currently used by sellers selling on the Italy or Spain site to retrieve the taxpayer ID of the buyer.

It is now required that buyers registered on the Italy site provide their Codice Fiscale ID (similar to the Social Security Number for US citizens) before buying an item on the Italy site.

On the Spain site, a Spanish seller has the option to require that Spanish buyers (registered on Spain site) provide a tax ID before checkout. This option is set by the seller at the account level. Once a Spanish buyer provides a tax ID, this tax ID is associated with his/her account, and once a tax ID is associated with the account, Spanish buyer will be asked to provide the tax ID during checkout on all eBay sites. Buyers with a registered address outside of Spain will not be asked to provide a tax ID during checkout.

This container is only returned for Spanish or Italian sellers when the buyer was asked to provide tax identifier information during checkout. A BuyerTaxIdentifier will be returned for each tax ID that is associated with the buyer's account.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use BuyerTaxIdentifier.

ShippingAddress ( AddressType ) [0..1]
This container shows the buyer's shipping address.

Note: For an Authenticity Guarantee program order returned in GetItemTransactions or GetSellerTransactions, this is the address of the authenticator's warehouse. The authenticator is responsible for delivery to the buyer's shipping address.

Note: For In-Store Pickup and Click and Collect orders, this is the address of the merchant's store where the buyer will pick up the order. This is only applicable for GetItemTransactions and GetSellerTransactions calls.

Note: For eBay Vault scenarios: GetItemTransactions calls, and GetSellerTransactions calls (Seller View only), mock address details are returned for:

- Vault to vault orders: Buyer and Seller View

- Ship to vault orders: Mock addresses are returned for the Buyer View (only); the address returned for the Seller View will be the authenticator's address.

- Vault in-hand submission orders: the address returned for the Buyer View will be the authenticator's address (GetItemTransactions only).

The following address details are returned for mock addresses:

 <Name>eBay Vault</Name>
 <AddressID>Invalid Request</AddressID>
 <CityName>Invalid Request</CityName>
 <CountryName>Invalid Request</CountryName>
 <ExternalAddressID>Invalid Request</ExternalAddressID>
 <Phone>Invalid Request</Phone>
 <PostalCode>Invalid Request</PostalCode>
 <StateOrProvince>Invalid Request</StateOrProvince>
 <Street1>Invalid Request</Street1>

See the Field Index to learn which calls use ShippingAddress.