eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

ReviseFixedPriceItemRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

Enables a seller to revise a fixed-price listing on a specified eBay site. To revise an active listing, the seller specifies the ItemID value for the listing. The seller makes one or multiple changes to the listing through the Item container, and the seller can also use one or more DeletedField tags to remove an optional field/setting from the listing.

Call that uses ReviseFixedPriceItemRequestType:


DeletedField ( string ) [0..*]
Specifies the name of a field to delete from a listing. The request can contain zero, one, or many instances of DeletedField (one for each field to be deleted). See the relevant field descriptions to determine when to use DeletedField (and potential consequences).

You cannot delete required fields from a listing.

Some fields are optional when you first list an item (e.g., SecondaryCategory), but once they are set they cannot be deleted when you revise an item. Some optional fields cannot be deleted if the item has bids and/or ends within 12 hours. Some optional fields cannot be deleted if other fields depend on them.

Some data (such as Variation nodes within the Variations container) can't be deleted by using DeletedField. See the relevant field descriptions for how to delete such data.

Use values that match the case of the schema element names (Item.PictureDetails.PictureURL) or make the initial letter of each field name lowercase (item.pictureDetails.pictureURL). However, do not change the case of letters in the middle of a field name. For example, item.picturedetails.pictureUrl is not allowed.

To delete a listing enhancement like BoldTitle, specify the value you are deleting in square brackets ("[ ]"); for example, Item.ListingEnhancement[BoldTitle].
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DeletedField.

Item ( ItemType ) [0..1]
The Item container is used to make changes to the active listing. The seller must pass in the ItemID value for the listing that is being revised. For anything else that the seller wishes to change, such as quantity or price, the seller should include this field in the call request and give it a new value.

If the seller wants to delete one or more optional settings in the listing, the seller should use the DeletedField tag.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Item.