eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

ShippingPackageCodeType ( token )

The nature of the package used to ship the item(s). Required for calculated shipping only. Not all package types are supported by a specific shipping service (ShippingServiceCodeType).

Types that use ShippingPackageCodeType:

Calls that use one or more values of ShippingPackageCodeType:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
BulkyGoods Bulky goods
Caravan Caravan
Cars Cars
CustomCode Reserved for internal or future use.
Europallet Europallet
ExpandableToughBags Expandable Tough Bags
ExtraLargePack Extra Large Package/Oversize 3
Furniture Furniture
IndustryVehicles Industry vehicles
LargeCanadaPostBox Large Canada Post Box
LargeCanadaPostBubbleMailer Large Canada Post Bubble Mailer
LargeEnvelope LargeEnvelope
Letter Letter
MailingBoxes Mailing Boxes
MediumCanadaPostBox Medium Canada Post Box
MediumCanadaPostBubbleMailer Medium Canada Post Bubble Mailer
Motorbikes Motorbikes
None None
OneWayPallet Onewaypallet
PackageThickEnvelope Package/thick envelope
PaddedBags Padded Bags
ParcelOrPaddedEnvelope Parcel or padded Envelope
Roll Roll
SmallCanadaPostBox Small Canada Post Box
SmallCanadaPostBubbleMailer Small Canada Post Bubble Mailer
ToughBags Tough Bags
UPSLetter UPS Letter
USPSFlatRateEnvelope USPS Flat Rate Envelope
USPSLargePack USPS Large Package/Oversize 1
VeryLargePack Very Large Package/Oversize 2
Winepak Winepak
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.