eBay Trading APIVersion 1371

MeasureType ( decimal )

Basic type for specifying measures and the system of measurement. A decimal value (e.g., 10.25) is meaningful as a measure when accompanied by a definition of the unit of measure (e.g., Pounds), in which case the value specifies the quantity of that unit. A MeasureType expresses both the value (a decimal) and, optionally, the unit and the system of measurement. Details such as shipping weights are specified as measure types.

Types that use MeasureType:

Calls that use MeasureType:


This type has no fields.


measurementSystem ( see MeasurementSystemCodeType for possible values )
The system of measurement (e.g., English).

unit ( token )
Unit of measure. This attribute is shared by various fields, representing units such as lbs, oz, kg, g, in, cm.

For weight, English major/minor units are pounds and ounces, and metric major/minor units are kilograms and grams. For length, the English unit is inches, and metric unit is centimeters.

To get the full list of package dimension and weight measurement units (and all alternative spellings and abbreviations) supported by your site, call GeteBayDetails.