eBay Product Metadata APIVersion 1.3.0

GetProductSearchValuesBaseRequest ( BaseServiceRequest )

Base request type used by the GetProductSearchValuesRequest type.

Calls that use GetProductSearchValuesBaseRequest:


categoryId ( string ) [1]
Specifies the category from which you want to retrieve property values that can be used to search for products.

If a specified category ID doesn't match an existing category for the site, eBay returns an invalid-category error message. To determine valid categories, use the Trading API GetCategories call.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use categoryId.

listFormatOnly ( boolean ) [0..1]
Return properties for a given catalog enabled category. We will throw an error if the category is not catalog enabled.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use listFormatOnly.

propertyFilter ( PropertyValue ) [0..*]
Constrains the output of values for the given PropertyLiteral (or group of properties) as per given ConstrainingPropertyLiteral:ConstrainingValueLiteral pair (or pairs) according to the respective dependency graph. AND-logic will be applied within the constraint.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use propertyFilter.

sortOrder ( SortOrder ) [0..*]
Sort order for property values in the result set. You can sort by any of the searchable properties, such as Year, Make, or Model. If no sort order is specified then values are sorted in ascending order.

Sorting can be applied only when the response is in list format (i.e., treeFormat in the response is false).

For sorting, characters are compared at each position (i.e., first character, second character, etc.). When values are sorted in ascending order, numbers (0-9) sort before uppercase letters (A-Z), which sort before lowercase letters (a-z). For example, 268 precedes 3, CTS comes before Camry, and 911 comes before A3.

Descending order is the opposite of ascending, with lowercase letters (z-a) before uppercase letters (Z-A) and numbers last (9-0).
See the Field Index to learn which calls use sortOrder.