XML Reference for Sell Feed LMS Feed TypesVersion 1355


Note: This request is used with the REST-based Sell Feed API. For more information, see the LMS Feed Guide. OrderReport shows detailed information on all unacknowledged orders, and all unacknowledged line items in each order from the past 30 days. The unique identifier of each order is shown in the Order.OrderID response field, and unique identifier of each order line item is shown in a separate Transaction.OrderLineItemID response field. Only unfulfilled orders will appear in the response, and orders that have already shipped will not. Sellers use the information in OrderReport to make inventory updates and start order fulfillment.

Note: Once orders and order line items have been acknowledged with the OrderAck call, those orders and order line items will no longer appear in the OrderReport response. See Acknowledging Sales for more information.

Call that uses OrderReportRequestType:


This type has no fields.