eBay Merchandising APIVersion 1.5.0

BaseMerchandisingServiceRequest ( BaseServiceRequest )

This is the base class for request container for all operations in the Merchandising Service.

Calls that use BaseMerchandisingServiceRequest:


affiliate ( Affiliate ) [0..1]
Container for affiliate details. eBay uses the specified affiliate details to build a View Item URL and Product URL string in the response that includes your affiliate tracking information in the correct format. When a user clicks through these URLs to eBay and performs certain tasks, you may get an affiliate commission.

See the eBay Partner Network for information about commissions.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use affiliate.

maxResults ( int ) [0..1]
Specifies the maximum number of entries to return in a single call. If the number of entries that can be returned is less than the value you specify, the lower number is returned. Values less than 1 or greater than 50 (or 20 in the case of getTopSellingProducts) will be ignored.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use maxResults.