eBay Trading APIVersion 1203

VerifyRelistItemResponseType ( AbstractResponseType )

The base response type for the VerifyRelistItem call. The response includes the Item ID for the relisted item, the SKU value for the item (if any), listing recommendations (if applicable), the estimated fees for the relisted item (except the Final Value Fee, which isn't calculated until the item has sold), the start and end times of the listing, and other details.

Call that uses VerifyRelistItemResponseType:


DiscountReason ( DiscountReasonCodeType ) [0..*]
This field is returned if an eBay special offer or promotion is applicable to the listing.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DiscountReason.

EndTime ( dateTime ) [0..1]
This timestamp indicates the date and time when the item to be relisted is scheduled to end on the eBay site. This date/time is calculated by using the StartTime and the the listing duration.

Note: Starting July 1, 2019, the Good 'Til Cancelled renewal schedule will be modified from every 30 days to once per calendar month. For example, if a GTC listing is created July 5, the next monthly renewal date will be August 5. If a GTC listing is created on the 31st of the month, but the following month only has 30 days, the renewal will happen on the 30th in the following month. Finally, if a GTC listing is created on January 29-31, the renewal will happen on February 28th (or 29th during a 'Leap Year'). See the Good 'Til Cancelled listings update in the Spring 2019 Seller Updates for more information about this change.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use EndTime.

Fees ( FeesType ) [0..1]
This container is an array of fees that would incur if the listing defined in request payload of the VerifyRelistItem call was used to relist an item. The fees in this container will not include any fees that are based on the purchase price (such as Final Value Fee) and only come into play when the listing has a sale.

All listing fee types are returned, even if those fees are not applicable for the listing and are '0.0'.

Note: The currency used for all fees returned under the Fees container reflects the currency used for the listing site, and not necessarily in the seller's default/home currency. For example, if a Canadian seller is using the VerifyRelistItem call to verify an item to be relisted on the eBay US site, the currency type shown for each fee will be USD and not CAD.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Fees.

ItemID ( ItemIDType (string) ) [0..1]
With a successful VerifyRelistItem call, this field is always returned, but the returned value is always 0, since this call only validates the data passed in through the request payload and does not actually relist an item.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ItemID.

ListingRecommendations ( ListingRecommendationsType ) [0..1]
Note: This container is deprecated, and will no longer be returned after June 1, 2021. eBay recommends that you integrate with the REST-based Recommendation API to retrieve recommendations for improving your listings and sales performance, or with the Compliance API to discover non-compliant listings or listings that are at risk at becoming non-compliant in the future.

Container consisting of one or more Recommendation containers. Each Recommendation container provides a message to the seller on how a listing can be improved or brought up to standard in regards to top-rated seller/listing requirements, mandated or recommended Item Specifics, picture quality requirements, pricing and/or listing format recommendations, recommended keywords and/or Item Specifics in a Title, and/or a recommendation to offer fast handling (same-day handling or handling time of 1 day) and/or a free shipping option in order to qualify the listing for a Fast 'N Free badge.

This container is only returned if the IncludeRecommendations flag was included and set to 'true' in the VerifyRelistItem request, and if at least one listing recommendation exists for the item about to be relisted. If one or more listing recommendations are returned, it will be at the seller's discretion about whether to revise the item based on eBay's listing recommendation(s) before actually relisting the item through a RelistItem call.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ListingRecommendations.

ProductSuggestions ( ProductSuggestionsType ) [0..1]
Provides a list of products recommended by eBay which match the item information provided by the seller.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ProductSuggestions.

StartTime ( dateTime ) [0..1]
This timestamp indicates the date and time when the item to be relisted became active on the eBay site.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use StartTime.