eBay Trading APIVersion 1363

UploadSiteHostedPicturesRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

Uploads a picture to the eBay Picture Service and returns a URL of the picture. You will use this URL when creating, revising, or relisting an item with the Trading API.

Call that uses UploadSiteHostedPicturesRequestType:


ExtensionInDays ( int ) [0..1]
By default, an unpublished picture will be hosted on the EPS server for five days before being purged. However, the seller has the option of using this field to set an expiration date further into the future (up to 30 days). Similarly, when a listing ends or expires, the images associated with the listing remain on the EPS server for an additional 90 days. The value in this field will add on to those 90 days.

Note: This field is restricted to applications that have been granted permission. Contact the eBay Developers Program to request permission.
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ExternalPictureURL ( anyURI ) [0..*]
This field is used if the seller wishes to upload a picture to the EPS server that is currently on another external site. The URL of the picture you want to upload is passed in this field. Only https:// servers are supported. You can include only one ExternalPictureURL field per call.

The eBay server uses the information in this field to retrieve a picture from an external web server. Once retrieved, the picture will be copied to eBay Picture Services and retained for 30 days if not associated with a listing. When associated with a listing, the duration is the length of the listing plus 90 days.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ExternalPictureURL.

An optional reference ID to the binary attachment.

The PictureData field does not contain the binary attachment. The binary attachment is image data, including the headers, from a JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or TIF format image file. The binary attachment must be sent as a MIME attachment, in your POST request, after the XML input.
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PictureName ( string ) [0..1]
A seller-defined name for the picture. This field is optional, but can make it easier for a seller to track than an arbitrary, eBay-assigned URL.
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PictureSet ( PictureSetCodeType ) [0..1]
This enumeration value indicates the size of the picture that will be generated.

IMPORTANT: To get the standard website image sizing with Zoom, set this field to Supersize.
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PictureSystemVersion ( int ) [0..1]
Specifies the picture system version. Only version 2 is valid. Available to support future changes in the picture system version.
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PictureUploadPolicy ( PictureUploadPolicyCodeType ) [0..1]
Determines if the uploaded picture is to replace all the pictures or to be added to the pictures currently available to a seller on the eBay site. The picture is available to the seller on the My Picture Uploads tab within the Sell Your Item pages.

The picture you upload (and its URL) is stored for a period of time on the EPS server. If, within that time, the picture is associated with an item, then the picture persists on the eBay site for the same time length as other pictures uploaded using the UploadSiteHostedPictures call.

The expiration date of the picture is returned in the SiteHostedPictureDetails.UseByDate field in the response.
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