eBay Trading APIVersion 1363

GetStoreCategoryUpdateStatusRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

This call is used to retrieve the status of an eBay Store Category hierarchy change that was made with a SetStoreCategories call.

Call that uses GetStoreCategoryUpdateStatusRequestType:


TaskID ( long ) [0..1]
The unique identifier of an eBay Store Category hierarchy change task. A TaskID value is returned in the response of a successful SetStoreCategories call.

Note: Depending on the breadth of changes being made to an eBay Store Category hierarchy, it is is possible that the SetStoreCategories call will complete the task simultaneously with the call response. A seller will know if an eBay Store Category hierarchy task was completed simultaneously if the TaskID value is returned as 0, and the Status field is returned with a value of Complete. If the task was not completely simultaneously, the TaskID value will be a positive integer, and the Status field will show a value of InProgress or Pending.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use TaskID.