eBay Trading APIVersion 1363


Security header used for SOAP API calls.

No calls use CustomSecurityHeaderType.


Credentials ( UserIdPasswordType ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

Authentication information for the user on whose behalf the application is making the request, and authorization information for the application making the request. Only registered eBay users are allowed to make API calls. To verify that a user is registered, your application normally needs to pass a user-specific value called an "authentication token" in the request. This is equivalent to signing in on the eBay Web site. As API calls do not pass session information, you need to pass the user's authentication token every time you invoke a call on their behalf. All calls require an authentication token, except the calls you use to retrieve a token in the first place. For such calls, you use the eBay member's username and password instead.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Credentials.

eBayAuthToken ( string ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

Authentication token representing the user who is making the request. The user's token must be retrieved from eBay. To determine a user's authentication token, see the Authentication and Authorization information in the eBay Web Services guide. For calls that list or retrieve item or transaction data, the user usually needs to be the seller of the item in question or, in some cases, the buyer. Similarly, calls that retrieve user or account data may be restricted to the user whose data is being requested. The documentation for each call includes information about such restrictions.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use eBayAuthToken.

HardExpirationWarning ( string ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

Expiration date of the user's authentication token. Only returned within the 7-day period prior to a token's expiration. To ensure that user authentication tokens are secure and to help avoid a user's token being compromised, tokens have a limited life span. A token is only valid for a period of time (set by eBay). After this amount of time has passed, the token expires and must be replaced with a new token.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use HardExpirationWarning.

NotificationSignature ( string ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

A Base64-encoded MD5 hash that allows the recipient of a Platform Notification to verify this is a valid Platform Notification sent by eBay.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use NotificationSignature.