eBay Trading APIVersion 1157


Type defining the ConditionValues.Condition container that is returned at the category level in the GetCategoryFeatures response if 'ConditionValues' is specified as a FeatureID value, or if no FeatureID values are specified. A ConditionValues.Condition container is returned for each supported item condition value for each eBay category returned in the response.

Type that uses ConditionType:

Call that uses ConditionType:


DisplayName ( string ) [0..1]
The human-readable label for the condition (e.g., "New"). This value is typically localized for each site. The display name can vary by category. For example, condition ID 1000 could be called "New: with Tags" in one category and "Brand New" in another.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DisplayName.

ID ( int ) [0..1]
The numeric ID of a condition (e.g., 1000). Use the ID in AddItem and related calls.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ID.