eBay Trading APIVersion 1371


An array of one or more Best Offers. This type is used in the responses of the GetBestOffers and RespondToBestOffer calls.

Types that use BestOfferArrayType:

Calls that use BestOfferArrayType:


BestOffer ( BestOfferType ) [0..*]
For GetBestOffers, each BestOffer container consists of detailed information on the Best Offer/Counter Offer, including the type of Best Offer (Best Offer, Buyer/Seller Counter Offer), amount of the Best Offer/Counter Offer, and status of Best Offer/Counter Offer.

For RespondToBestOffer, each BestOffer container provides the status ('Success' or 'Failure') of the Best Offer action (Accept, Counter, or Decline), which are defined in BestOfferActionCodeType.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use BestOffer.