eBay Trading APIVersion 1363

AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestType ( AbstractRequestType )

The base request of the AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidder call, which allows a seller to send up to 10 messages to bidders/potential buyers regarding an active listing. These potential buyers may include those who have made a Best Offer on a listing.

Call that uses AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestType:


AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestContainer ( AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestContainerType ) [0..*]
An AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestContainer container is required for each message being sent to unique bidders/potential buyers. A seller can send up to 10 messages to unique bidders/potential buyers in one AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidder call.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use AddMemberMessagesAAQToBidderRequestContainer.