eBay Shopping APIVersion 1293


Base type definition of a response payload that can carry any type of payload content with following optional elements:
- timestamp of response message
- application-level acknowledgement
- application-level (business-level) errors and warnings

Calls that use AbstractResponseType:


A token representing the application-level acknowledgement code that indicates the response status (e.g., success). The AckCodeType list specifies the possible values for the Ack field.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Ack.

Build ( string ) [0..1]
This refers to the particular software build that eBay used when processing the request and generating the response. This includes the version number plus additional information. eBay Developer Support may request the build information when helping you resolve technical issues.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Build.

CorrelationID ( string ) [0..1]
If you pass a value in MessageID in a request, we will return the same value in CorrelationID in the response. You can use this for tracking that a response is returned for every request and to match particular responses to particular requests. Only returned if MessageID was used.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use CorrelationID.

Errors ( ErrorType ) [0..*]
A list of application-level errors or warnings (if any) that were raised when eBay processed the request.

Application-level errors occur due to problems with business-level data on the client side or on the eBay server side. For example, an error would occur if the request contains an invalid combination of fields, or it is missing a required field, or the value of the field is not recognized. An error could also occur if eBay encountered a problem in our internal business logic while processing the request.

Only returned if there were warnings or errors.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Errors.

Timestamp ( dateTime ) [0..1]
This value represents the date and time when eBay processed the request. The time zone of this value is GMT and the format is the ISO 8601 date and time format (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ). See the "dateTime" type for information about this time format and converting to and from the GMT time zone.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Timestamp.

Version ( string ) [0..1]
The version of the API call that eBay used to process the request.

Note: Note that some calls are not always updated with each WSDL release, so it is possible that version numbers will differ by API call.
If a field in the response returns the token "CustomCode", it usually means that the field is a code type (a token or enumeration), and that in your request URL (or HTTP header) you specified a version that is older than the version in which the token was added to the call.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Version.