HTML or XML-reserved characters may be included in listing descriptions. However, active content (e.g., animation or video via JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins, or form actions,) is not permitted. All active content will be blocked/removed from a listing.

All HTML tags used in a listing description count toward the maximum allowed character limit.

All HTML content within listing descriptions should use relative widths and heights.

Images and other fixed-size objects should not exceed 700 pixels in width.

External links (i.e., to sites outside of eBay,) included in listings are limited to:

  • Links to externally-hosted images
  • Links to product videos
  • Links to freight shipping services (if freight shipping is offered for item)
  • Links to any legally-required information

All external links must use the HTTPS protocol (i.e., not HTTP.) If a seller's external server that is hosting images does not support the HTTPS protocol, this server cannot be used. All external links should use the target="_blank" attribute.

For complete information about including links, refer to eBay's Links policy.