When listing an item, sellers must specify the country in which the item is located by passing in a two-character code using the Item.Country field.

To determine which country codes are currently supported, issue a GeteBayDetails call. In addition to the supported codes, the English name associated with each code is also returned. For example:

  <Description>Cayman Islands</Description>

Note: Most country codes used by eBay conform to the ISO 3166 standard (e.g., US for the United States). However, some codes in the ISO 3166 standard are not used by eBay. Additionally, the eBay list includes some non-ISO codes as well. These additional codes appear at the end of the code list and are noted as being non-ISO.

Specify the item location

In addition to specifying the country code for an item (i.e., using the Item.Country field,) sellers must further specify the item's location. Not only will this improve search results for buyers looking for items within a specified area, but the information may required when calculating shipping costs (e.g., calculated shipping option).

An item's location is specified using either of the following fields:

  • Item.PostalCode
  • Item.Location

    Item.Location is a free-form text field with a maximum length of 45 characters. It is often used to indicate a City/State combination. For example:

    <Location>San Jose, CA</Location>