A listing type is required for a new item listing. If not specified in an API call, the listing type will default to an auction listing. Some listing types have other seller qualifications.

Available listing types include:

  • Auction

    For the duration of the listing, the seller receives bids for the item. the end of the listing, the highest bidder who also meets the Item.ReservePrice — if one has been specified — wins the item.

    The seller also has the option of implementing a Buy It Now option for the item which allows buyers to buy the item at the Item.BuyItNowPrice. However, the Buy It Now option is automatically disabled for the listing once it receives the first bid that meets or exceeds the Item.ReservePrice if one has been specified.

    The seller can offer either a Buy It Now option or a Best Offer option for an auction listing, but not both. When either option is enabled, once the first qualifying bid has been received the option is automatically disabled.

  • Fixed-price

    The seller lists an item at a fixed-price and buyers are able to purchase the item without bidding. The seller has the option of enabling the Best Offer feature on a fixed-price listing. This allows a buyer to propose a Best Offer, price to the seller that is lower than the published fixed price for the item. It is up to the seller to accept or reject any proposed Best Offer or counteroffer that is received for the item.

    The duration of all fixed-price listings must be set to Good 'Til Cancelled. No other listing durations are supported.

    Important! The only exceptions to this rule are:

    • Motor-vehicle categories on the eBay Motors marketplace (i.e., 6001, 6024, 6038, 26429, and 66466)
    • Motor-vehicle category on the eBay UK and eBay Italy marketplaces (i.e., 9800)

    "Good 'Til Cancelled" listings automatically renew each month as long as there is inventory remaining for the listing. Generally, a fixed-price listing automatically ends when the available quantity of the item is at 0, but sellers can select the "Out-of-Stock" option in My eBay Site Preferences, and listings with 0 quantity will be kept alive by eBay (but hidden from search results), and then the seller can add more inventory to the listing.

  • Classified Ad

    With this listing type, the seller is announcing the availability of the item on eBay, but if a transaction occurs (i.e., a buyer purchases the item from the seller,) it is done off of eBay's platform. This listing type is not available for all eBay categories. A seller can call GetCategoryFeatures to determine which categories support the Classified Ad format.

Note: For a complete list of available listing types, refer to ListingTypeCodeType.

Argument: Item.ListingType