This topic briefly discusses the two key API calls used to retrieve pertinent metadata when preparing to list an item on eBay. For complete information about using each of these APIs, refer to their respective reference documentation.


GeteBayDetails is used to retrieve global-level metadata such as:

  • ISO 3166 country codes
  • ISO 4217 currency codes
  • International time zone information
  • Global shipping regions

GeteBayDetails is also used to retrieve marketplace-specific metadata such as:

  • Detailed information about every available shipping service option available for domestic and international shipping
  • Supported order handling times
  • Domestic shipping regions
  • Item specifics constraints
  • Return policy metadata

Multiple DetailName values may be provided in order to retrieve the specific metadata desired.

If no DetailName value is specified, then all available metadata will be returned


GetCategoryFeatures returns metadata about supported features for a specified marketplace's categories such as if the categories support:

  • Best Offer
  • Classified ads
  • Parts compatibility
  • Variations

GetCategoryFeatures also returns item conditions, listing durations, return periods, and minimum reserve price (for auctions) supported for categories.

When calling GetCategoryFeatures, the following fields should be included with their values set as indicated:

  • DetailLevel should be set to ReturnAll to retrieve all available metadata for all categories.
  • ViewAllNodes should be set to true.

In addition:

  • To retrieve the metadata for a single category, pass in the CategoryID for the target category.
  • Including one or more FeatureID fields can be used to retrieve specific metadata