SiteID an enumerated value that specifies the name of the eBay listing marketplace. The listing marketplace affects the business logic and validation rules that are applied to the request, which in turn affect the values that are returned in the response, as well as values that appear on the eBay marketplace.

For example, the listing marketplace can affect the validation of Category in listing requests, international business seller requirements, the values of converted (localized) prices in responses, the item-related time stamps that are displayed on the eBay marketplace, the visibility of the item in some types of searches (e.g., GetCategoryListings,) and other information. In some cases, the rules are determined by a combination of the marketplace, the user's registration address, and other information.

When passing an Item.Site value in an AddItem or AddFixedPriceItem call, the value must be consistent with the numeric site ID that is specified in the request URL (for the SOAP API) or the X-EBAY-API-SITEID header (for the XML API).

For a complete list of available values, refer to SiteCodeType.

Note: When revising a listing, the value for Item.Site cannot be changed.

Argument: Item.Site