Every new listing must have a starting price:

  • For an auction listing, the starting price is the price at which the progressive bidding starts.
  • For a fixed-price listing, the starting price is the static price at which a buyer can purchase the item.

Sellers can also add a Buy It Now option to an auction listing, or assign a reserve price to the listing. If a reserve price is set, the item will not sell unless the bid of the winning bidder is equal to or higher than this price.

Argument: Item.StartPrice


This required three-digit enumeration value defines the currency associated with the listing marketplace. The item price and all costs passed in the call request will be using this currency.

Similarly, the listing fees and other cost-related data will use this currency.

For a list of which currencies can be specified as input to listing calls such as AddItem for a given marketplace, call GeteBayDetails, pass in the appropriate siteID in the header, and set the value of DetailName to CurrencyDetails.

Important! Calling GetItem will return the item's original currency regardless of the marketplace to which the GetItem request is sent.

Argument: Item.Currency