notification APIv1.2.0


This method allows applications to update a destination.

Note: The destination should be created and ready to respond with the expected challengeResponse for the endpoint to be registered successfully. Refer to the Notification API overview for more information.


Resource URI (production)


URI parameters

destination_idstringThe unique identifier for the destination.

Occurrence: Required

HTTP request headers

All requests made to eBay REST operations require you to provide the Authorization HTTP header for authentication authorization.

OAuth scope

This request requires an access token created with the client credentials grant flow, using one or more scopes from the following list (please check your Application Keys page for a list of OAuth scopes available to your application):

See OAuth access tokens for more information.

Input container/fieldTypeDescription
namestringThe name associated with this destination.

Occurrence: Optional

statusDestinationStatusEnumThe status for this destination.

Note: The MARKED_DOWN value is set by eBay systems and cannot be used in a create or update call by applications.

Valid values:

Occurrence: Required

deliveryConfigDeliveryConfigThe configuration associated with this destination.

Occurrence: Required

deliveryConfig.endpointstringThe endpoint for this destination.

Occurrence: Required

deliveryConfig.verificationTokenstringThe verification token associated with this endpoint.

Occurrence: Required


HTTP response headers

HTTP status codes

This call can return one of the following HTTP status codes. For an overview of the status codes, see HTTP status codes in Using eBay RESTful APIs.

204No Content
400Bad Request
404Not Found
500Internal Server Error

Error codes

For more on errors, plus the codes of other common errors, see Handling errors.

195000API_NOTIFICATIONAPPLICATIONThere was a problem with an eBay internal system or process. Contact eBay developer support for assistance.
195016API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTInvalid name. Markups or lengths greater than 64 not supported
195017API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTInvalid or missing endpoint.
195018API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTInvalid or missing destination status. Supported values:[ENABLED,DISABLED]
195019API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTInvalid or missing verification token for this endpoint.
195020API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTChallenge verification failed for requested endpoint
195021API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTDestination exists for this endpoint
195022API_NOTIFICATIONREQUESTInvalid or missing destination id.



New to making API calls? Please see Making a Call.

Note: Identifiers, such as order IDs or user IDs, and personal data in these samples might be anonymized or may no longer be active on eBay. If necessary, substitute current, relevant eBay data in your requests.

Sample 1: Update a destination

This call updates a destination.


The inputs are the optional name, and the required deliveryConfig including the endpoint and the verificationToken


A successful call returns the HTTP status code 204 No Content. This method has no response payload.