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Program news

We hope everyone is well. We want to take this time to share with you some updates that occurred within the eBay Developers Program over the last quarter (Apr - Jun 2022). 

Certificate Authority and TLS Compliance migration update

The Certificate Authority switchover from DigiCert to Sectigo is now complete. The eBay Developers Program team would like to thank all of our developer partners for completing this migration!

We are also making great progress on HTTPS and TLS 1.2 (or higher) requirements, We will update you once this migration is complete.

eBay Connect 2022 scheduled for early Q4

eBay Connect 2022 is scheduled for early Q4. This will be a virtual event, and more details will follow over the coming months.

API updates

The following updates have been made to our APIs over the last few months.

Fulfillment API enhanced to return eBay Vault and new tax information

The getOrder/getOrders methods of the Fulfillment API were enhanced to display information on eBay Vault orders. The eBay Vault is a physical location where valuable (valued at or above $750) trading cards are stored. See the Using eBay Vault help page for more information.

The ebayVault container will only be displayed for eBay Vault orders, and the ebayVault.fulfillmentType field will indicate which of three eBay Vault fulfillment types will be used for the order. These fulfillment types are briefly described below:

  • SELLER_TO_VAULT: Two shipment legs are required for this fulfillment type. First, the seller ships the item to an authenticator, who will test and authenticate the trading card. If the trading card is successfully authenticated, the authenticator will ship the card to eBay Vault and it will officially be owned by the buyer and stored on their behalf.
  • VAULT_TO_VAULT: With this fulfillment type, the purchased trading card does not even change physical locations. It stays in the eBay Vault, but ownership transfers from seller to buyer.
  • VAULT_TO_BUYER: With this fulfillment type, eBay ships the authenticated trading card from the eBay Vault to the buyer’s shipping address.

On July 1, 2022, eBay started to collect and remit sales tax (at Federal and Province level) and ‘Goods and Services’ tax on the Canada marketplace. To support this, the ebayCollectAndRemitTaxes array in the responses of the getOrder/getOrders methods were enhanced to display information on eBay Canada Collect and Remit tax and the tax applied to Digitally Delivered Goods. For Digitally Delivered Goods tax, the field will be returned as DDG.

Browse API updates

The following updates were made to Browse API this quarter:

Finances API updates

The following updates were made to Finances API this quarter:

  • A new feeJurisdiction container was added to the getTransactions response to provide information about three new VAT and income tax-related charges. The three tax-related fees added to FeeTypeEnum are INCOME_TAX_WITHHOLDING, VAT_WITHHOLDING, and TAX_DEDUCTION_AT_SOURCE. The feeJurisdiction container will only be returned if one of these three NON_SALE_CHARGE fees are applicable to the transaction.
  • Motor vehicle listings that require initial deposits are now subject to a Deposit processing fee. This fee is currently 2.8% of the required deposit amount, and eBay will deduct this amount from the seller payout of the deposit funds. Whenever this deposit fee applies, the DEPOSIT_PROCESSING_FEE value will get returned in the marketplaceFees.feeType for the line item.

Expanded Support of eBay Refurbished Conditions

The eBay Refurbished Condition program has expanded to numerous Electronics categories in the US, Canada (English and French), Australia, UK, Germany, France, and Italy marketplaces. The complete list of marketplaces and leaf categories that support 'Excellent - Refurbished' (Condition ID 2010), 'Very Good - Refurbished' (Condition ID 2020), and 'Good - Refurbished' (Condition ID 2030) can be found on the Category and marketplace support for the eBay Refurbished Program table in the Selling Integration Guide.

Coupon-related fields now returned in Buy Feed Beta API

The getItemSnapshotFeed method of the Buy Feed Beta API now returns seven coupon-related fields whenever a coupon is available for an item. These fields include couponRedemptionCode, a code used at checkout to apply the coupon, couponDiscountValue, that indicates the value of the coupon, and couponExpirationDate, a timestamp that indicates when the coupon expires.

Detailed order-level tax information now returned in Order v1 API

A new order-level taxDetails array was added to the responses of getCheckoutSession (and other checkout_session methods) and getPurchaseOrder. This taxDetails array itemizes and categorizes all taxes applied to the order, including Canada Collect and Remit taxes. The type of tax is shown in the taxClassificationDetails.taxType field and the taxDetails.taxClassification field indicate whether a corresponding tax applies to item cost, shipping cost, or service cost.

Support for eBay Vault added to Trading API’s order management calls

The GetOrders, GetOrderTransactions, GetItemTransactions, and GetSellerTransactions calls of the Trading API were enhanced to display information on eBay Vault orders. The eBay Vault is a physical location where valuable (valued at or above $750) trading cards are stored. See the Using eBay Vault help page for more information.

No new schema changes were added to Trading API to support eBay Vault, but the following logic changes were made:

  • For ‘Vault to Vault’ and ‘Vault to Buyer’ fulfillment types, the trading card is already authenticated and at the eBay Vault, so the seller will have no responsibility for shipping. With ‘Vault to Vault’, the trading card will not even change locations, but ownership will just transfer from the seller to the buyer. With ‘Vault to Buyer’, eBay will ship the trading card to the buyer’s shipping address. Both of these fulfillment types are indicated by a value of EBAY returned in the Fulfillment.FulfillmentBy field, and the ShippingAddress.Name value will display as eBay Vault with a “dummy” address.
  • For ‘Seller to Vault’ fulfillment type, the address of the authenticator will be shown in the Order.ShippingAddress container (only to the seller). If the buyer of the item makes a call to GetOrders, GetOrderTransactions, or GetItemTransactions, a “dummy” address will be shown in the Order.ShippingAddress container.

Max campaigns in Promoted Listing reports increased

The maximum number of Promoted Listing campaigns that can be included as part of a CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT or CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_SUMMARY_REPORT in Sell Marketing API has increased from 10 t0 25. Promoted Listing campaigns are associated with these two report types by using the campaignIds array of the createReportTask method.

New Guides for Sell Feed API

The following two new guides are now available to instruct former Large Merchant Services and Seller Hub report users how to upload and download LMS and Seller Hub feed types. 

New locale query parameter localizes OAuth Consent page

A new locale query parameter is now available for the GET OAuth endpoint. This new query parameter will allow the developer/seller to localize the OAuth consent page based on the marketplace you're targeting. See the Configuring the HTTP query parameters section of the Getting user consent page for more information on this query parameter and using the GET OAuth endpoint.

Deprecation and Decommission updates

The following APIs/methods/fields have recently been announced as deprecated. Please see API Deprecation Status page for detailed information.

The following APIs/methods/fields were recently decommissioned

We hope everyone had a great year so far, and we are looking forward to working with the community for the rest of 2022!